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  Based on the results of our first April video, it is obvious that this woman seems to evoke primeval, animal desires in men like few others we have ever met. Literally, everyone has the 'hots' for April, and wait 'til you see her now! Consider that she runs 10 miles every day and lifts weights for 2 hours. She is inexhaustible, and has every muscle, stem to stern, under perfect control (which she'll prove in her incredible stretching routine). Like to have her come on to you in the shower? How 'bout a lunch date, where your partner climbs up totally naked onto the table and spreads a meal of yogurt and veggies all over her body, then dares you to partake (a mind-blowing scene)! And for you lovers of high heels, stockings, and sexy lingerie, get ready. You're in for the turn-on of your life.

This is without question the hottest video ever produced featuring an athlete/dancer physically trained to such a high level. Her naked beauty will ignite your passion to the max. And we do mean To The Max!

74 minutes | 250 megs | 18.95

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Video M14 Video M14

Video M14 Video M14

Video M14 Video M14

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