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Video M13

   Especially for you muscle freaks, we have decided to make a tape featuring a woman whose legs and hindquarters have become (we understand) world renowned. The main portion of this video focuses intensely on Susie's muscle-laden thighs and buttocks, the curvature and hardness of which remind us of bowling balls! Naturally, we only did what anyone would hitchhike cross country for: the chance to pour creamy lotion all over those magnificent body parts, then explore and massage every muscle in them! This scene may be the highlight (you'll watch it repeatedly). But you'll enjoy the lingerie, outdoor, and hot shower clips as well.

A heavily muscled female shot as never before! As a bonus attraction, we've included a shorter segment on a feisty young body builder and budding TV personality (Susan), whose assets rival Susie's in terms of their opulent structure. Her feline magnetism was simply to great to pass up. If you go crazy over powerful haunches and 'legs that can kill', you'll find this duo tough to beat. Go for it!

82 minutes | 283 megs | 18.95

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Video M13 Video M13

Video M13 Video M13

Video M13 Video M13

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